WORDPRESS IS MAKING ITSELF OBSOLETE. We can now edit other people’s comments, so the comments now count for nothing and can be fake news. WHAT A DISGRACE.

Published March 17, 2018 by Donnalee of Kingston NY

Since we can now edit other people’s comments, the system of comments is now worthless, so if they don’t change it, I will no longer comment on anyone’s post and will go back and remove as many comments of my own as I can find, since it is just creepy and insane of them to allow people to fake whatever they want in the names of others.  I WILL NEVER EDIT ANYONE ELSE’S COMMENTS.  If they are spam, they never get posted on my blog, and if they are real, they may or may not get posted. 

I will update if they are smart enough to reverse this.  If not, I will probably get rid of my blog with them.

12 comments on “WORDPRESS IS MAKING ITSELF OBSOLETE. We can now edit other people’s comments, so the comments now count for nothing and can be fake news. WHAT A DISGRACE.

  • I am no longer using the wordpress reader, since I don’t want to make comments that others can change into anything from threats, to promises for a million dollars, to praises or complaints or obscenities or anything. WP sees nothing wrong with allowing us to edit the words of others and thus leave things that WE DID NOT SAY available online in our names, so I don’t trust them. *shrug* Everyone’s mileage may vary, but I don’t want to take part in it. I’ll let you all know here where I move the blog or other website to. Best wishes to all.

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    • I figure that errors can stand on their own, since it is more like a record of the person’s thoughts, however imperfect–if someone replied and said something like “I meant to say now instead of not”, then I can see it might make sense to edit with their permission.

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  • I agree comments shouldn’t be changed, but like another comment before mine, I also will correct really bad spelling or error if I know the person well, either in life, or a long-time commenter on the blog and I on theirs. I wouldn’t mind that someone would correct errors that might embarrass me, but I would never change the meaning of the content. I would delete it first if I found it objectionable. Another problem I have found is once in a while a comment will go to the Spam box and at times it has been someone who regularly comments on my blog. So check your spam box now and then.


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