Intuition and support, not prediction.

A longtime psychotherapist and negligent meditator, I first read tarot cards in 1984 and have been involved with them on and off ever since. I took highest tantric vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in NYC in 1999 and in the years afterward have been fortunate enough to study with many of the highest Tibetan Buddhist teachers, and sang some four or five million mantras over those years as a practice. This practice came in handy in my five-day-a-week job with a lawyer, a former State Senator married to Teddy Roosevelt’s granddaughter, for whom I worked 17 years until his passing in 2012.

For a few years I saw people as a medical intuitive very successfully (in addition to being a psychotherapist) until my getting electrocuted in 2007. After that event and its aftermath, I stopped or slowed most of these activities to focus on health and recalibrating. As health and circumstances have improved, I have expanded my work in the last few years to consult for a number of folks on their life issues, to study, sing, and hang out with some of the great 70s/80s rockstars and other musicians of all sorts, and to work as Stage Manager and Assistant to the Directors, and even in-house psychotherapist, on various musical shows in the NY/NJ area. Specialties in psychotherapy include buddhist psychology and working with old-fashioned multiple personality/DID folks and other survivors of trauma, including death and near-death experiences, as well as working on the musicals.  I have been briefly dead three separate times in the last twenty or so years, and have insights due to those experiences.

I offer readings on the themes of “What do I need to be aware of and to do for the best outcome of this situation?” These readings can apply this question to any area of life, including work, relationship, career, general wellbeing, spiritual direction, life planning, unfinished business, etc. I do not ‘predict’ specific events or specific timelines, since these are so variable and depend upon what each of us does. I also do not do readings about personal details of third parties without their permission. (Such questions as “Is s/he/they involved with someone else?”, “What are their personal/impersonal/repersonal pronouns?”, “Are they/s/he my religion/race/category of tv fan/whatever?”, “Does s/he have a lot of money?”, etc. are best asked of the person/s, not of me, and yes, many of those questions have been asked to me before–I might not have thought of them on my own!).  I do not support folks in doing crimes or other unethical actions, nor do I solve crimes. As a member of ATA (American Tarot Association), and member of TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles), I additionally abide by their codes of ethics.  My client names always stay confidential except if they choose to mention me elsewhere.

I now have a private office in uptown Kingston, New York (as of February 2020) for in-person readings.  Readings are $65.00 for up to 40 minutes or $35.00 for up to 20 minutes with any of the following decks: Rider-Waite-Smith, Gummy Bear Tarot, The Halloween Tarot, Dreaming Way Tarot, Heart &Hands Tarot, and the custom deck.  Please email me about availability  and scheduling for these services.  Zoom meetings are happening more these days.  Please see the about page for details.


Thank you for letting me help you gain some insights into your own life and the most direct ways to encourage and allow the best possible outcomes.


If you have comments, questions, or simply are happy with the readings you have received from me, please let me know using this form, and let me know also if you would allow me to print your recommendations or endorsements (with whatever name or nickname you choose) here on the “endorsements” page. Thank you again!

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    • This is a lovely area that we have only moved to in the last year, and it is a marvellous combination of small-town feel and yet moviestars and rock stars and international folks come here all the time, so it does not get stale or too small-feeling. It is certainly worth a visit. A real plus is that there is a great deal of live music, in the streets and village green and in venues, and I have not yet heard anyone who is terrible–the average casual performer is way above average that I have heard elsewhere, and may well have been in the Top 10 at some point–fun surprises abound here/

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  • Been learning Tarot for a year now, and still feel like an utter novice … Loving it way too much to stop, though, and it seems to be such a great way to connect with people. I should really post on that, sometime. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the encouragement with my writing. 🙂

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  • Very fascinating DonnaLee! I am amazed at your talent. I am kind of interested in getting a reading because I always found Tarot fascinating, but I am kind of stuck on what exactly to ask, or you know if I can afford it as well. Definitely something for me to think about! It is so incredible how generous you are to donate to charity that way you do. Keep up the amazing work!! ❤

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