Client Endorsements And Recommendations

Testimonials for the tarot readings are at the top of the page and those for the candle service lower down.


“I have been read for by several people, but Donnalee has a special type of insight. She looks at the situation in depth and will do whatever it takes to explain everything thoroughly. I felt like she understood my question, as complex as it was, and gave each aspect the attention it needed. She knows how to capture the big picture while still attending to details. If you’re ready to gain a better understanding of yourself and your circumstances, Donnalee’s the one to go to!” –Lindsey S.F. [email reading]


“Donnalee possesses a special talent for this work. Her readings are incredible. I approached this with some degree of skepticism. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist who approached this with an attitude of reservation although I am open to various spiritual practices. I was honestly blown away by her readings.
She brings a skillful, compassionate and highly intuitive presence. Her approach incorporates a psychotherapeutic reading. It reminded me of an I Ching and revealed great synchronicity. She has a great understanding of these cards and brings a loving and helpful attitude. She is not interested in predictive approaches,but rather in helping clients perceive their current situation clearly and explore possibilities for the highest benefit. She stresses freedom rather than determinism. She is sincere about helping clients get unstuck. I would whole heartedly recommend her and would refer select patients to her as an adjunct to the therapy process.”
–Dr. Yaakob Shalom B. [several in-person readings]


“Laughing Dakini points the way with a sense of truth and freedom that is rare and aware.
Recommended for all puzzled people… which is close to 100 percent of us, these days. Laughing can happen because of sudden insight, or it can be a reaction to a silly knock-knock joke, or it can ripple your reality into a new form. That’s the kind of laughter you’ll find here!”
xo Nancy
[email readings]

“My experience with Donnalee was more
incredible than I could have imagined. I had high hopes, yet
was still beyond satisfied. I’m now recommending her to
everyone who I think could use it.

First, Donnalee creates an atmosphere
in the room which feels safe, comfortable, and grounding-
her energy is naturally that way as it is. But she goes the
extra mile to make sure you are both comfortable.

It felt natural talking to her about
what was going on in my life, she is very open and
understanding. When it came to reading my cards, her
observations were concise and intuitive, everything said
and displayed was accurate for the situations I had
described. In some instances I was speechless. I felt like
my experiences were validated, and that I had access to the
strength inside of me to deal with my struggles with a sense
of clarity and calmness.

Now, when I feel myself getting pulled
into my ego, and suffering with these specific problems, I
visualize the cards and my experience with Donnalee, and am
able to ground myself, collect myself, and carry on with
faith instead of fear. Endlessly grateful!”

Jordan R. [in-person reading at Woodstock office]


Recommendations for the candle service:

“I wanted to write you about my experiences being a test case “guinea pig”. I admittedly went into the experiment with an open mind albeit a bit skeptical. I am a psychologist/therapist in New York City and the Hudson Valley. I emphasize being grounded, but also open to the mysterious realms that we can’t control or predict.

From the time you prepared and started lighting candles and meditating on my situation I noticed an unmistakable shift in energy–most notably connected to my money situation. Money started to subtly but unmistakably appear. Patients from the past who had owed money suddenly re-appeared and reimbursed me. Old patients called to undergo therapy again. Mind you some of these patients had been last seen fifteen plus years ago.

I can’t explain the results, but there was clearly a correlation between your work, a shift in energies and some tangible results. Perhaps the spirits became involved as we say in kabbalah/ shamanism. At any rate, I recommend your work and would make use of it again and emphatically iterate its gentle and benign quality. It is not a replacement for other approaches, but an adjunct.


Dr. Brian
Licensed Psychologist and therapist


“Donnalee is a person with access to heightened
perception and the sacred big mind. I was in very severe
physical pain when she lit candles for me, and for the first
time in my life I was able to observe the pain and not mind
it. I am sure any work she does will prove to be interesting
and rewarding!”

Marka Knight, Singer


“Donnalee very kindly offered to light a few candles for me, to help me maybe feel better in myself, since I’d been having a lot of trouble with ptsd symptoms.
The lighting of the candle was wonderful. I instantaneously felt better! Once she told me she’d lighted it, I could feel its effects right away. Right after she got done burning it, I felt great! Positive, like a lot of badness and bad energy and stuff was gone!
I would recommend people try it! It really does work!
Donnalee is very professional, friendly, positive, and I would recommend her services. You won’t be disappointed in them!”
carol anne



“I love that Donnalee offered to do this for me. I have DID; in fact I am one of the alters in our system. For those who may not know, DID stands for dissociative identity disorder, and alters, or parts, are the personalities who share a body with the main or host person.
As soon as the candle that Donnalee lit for me finished, I felt really good. I felt all the bad energy drain out of me. It felt like I was able to let go of a lot of stuff. I felt happier. More content in myself which I was delighted about.
I’d highly recommend people try this out. You’ll be really glad you did. I can guarantee you’ll feel the difference right away from the lighting of the candle. They are great for getting rid of bad cooties.”


From private email today (1/15/19) about candle burned this week; comments are used with permission.  Both comments are by the same person, who had been in bed with severe leg and back pain for most of a few weeks:

“I had a huge relief from pain yesterday evening, really amazing.”
“That was the only relief I’ve had in three weeks!”



From private email today (1/16/19), used with permission:

“Your help is invaluable.”


If you have worked with me and found it beneficial and are willing to write a recommendation that can appear on this page, please let me know below or through email. Thank you all!

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