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Longtime tarot reader, former psychotherapist, Tibetan Buddhist teacher, backing vocalist, and stage manager who has been dead three times in the last 20 or so years puts focus on the best outcome of the situation. I am non-squeamish and have heard and done A Lot–I know that sometimes, as Marilyn Manson says, “Complicated’s understated”. (Yup, I know this person is controversial, and this quote has been here for five or ten years, and I still find it a good quote, and still make no comment of approval or disapproval about the person who said it–I just don’t know enough to jump in with an uninformed drama-stirring opinion.)  I keep things strictly confidential and private except if major crimes are planned etc. in which case I just tell you not to tell me since I don’t get involved–the usual ethics mentioned below apply.

I’ll look at pretty much any situation involving the being in front of me and what they might benefit from looking at or being aware of to promote the best outcome of their situation. My focus tends to be pithy, humane and honest, with cursewords. If needed, the cursewords are optional. I don’t do predictions or help in crimes or spy on others–the usual ethics apply and are elsewhere on my website. Examples of useful questions might be:

“Let’s look at what I need to know for the best outcome of my:
life in general
primary/other relationship
health and healing
getting more money
stopping or starting a habit
taking care of myself/selves
getting the support I need
regaining sanity
property or business transaction
upcoming concert tour

Many times people tell me a big long story about their situation and that can be helpful, much as knowing more detail up front can help your plumber or doctor to pinpoint things faster and more accurately (NB: I am not a plumber or a doctor, and if I played anything on tv, I would probably want to be Spike’s hair in Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but the bottom line for me is “How can we help this turn out for the best?” It’s interesting to hear background and can often help clarify the situation, but it isn’t necessary.

Also, in some of the client endorsements, there is mention of me being a body empath and manifesting the symptoms of the people, but that does not happen automatically or without client permission and an ongoing client situation. Those clients for whom it happens are ones whom I have known for a long time and have permission from to be that open to. If you come see me, it does NOT mean that I can or will automatically ‘read’ or know everything going on inside you or your worlds–I’m not like a machine in the airport that spies on all your private bits, so don’t worry about that please! Free will is very important, and it would be tedious and overwhelming for me to feel responsible for everybody’s every thought or feeling or act, and I don’t perceive them, and I just am not responsible for anyone but me. I can and do regularly give readings to ‘regular’ people with ‘regular’ concerns. I also regularly give readings to those with less-mainstream concerns. It’s okay to be versatile and better able to serve the diversity of clients in the world.

Any of these decks will give a decent-to-excellent reading–the vanilla decks are not just for lightweight or simple issues, and the darker decks are not only for hardcore stuff. The range of decks is because the darker deck visuals are not appropriate for sensitive or younger folks. Many of my clients have severe PTSD and it makes no sense to me to be unnecessarily triggering to people’s genuine issues. If certain things will trigger any part of you, tell me in advance and we can work around it. Tell me your comfort level and deck choice. If all else is too scary, I have my Gummy Bear deck or I can just read a stack of dollar bills or something that will not show visuals.

Deck choices fall into three categories.


A. Traditional Smith-Waite deck–has mild classical nudity and some swords stuck in people; the people are white white white, but not gender-specific; the ‘original’ popular tarot deck published in 1916 (the historical decks actually go back to about 1441 CE and earlier, but I mean this is ‘the tarot deck’ that shows up in cheesy movies etc. through the last number of decades)

B. Gummy Bear deck–not scary for most folks, gummies a range of colours. No real Gummy Bears were harmed in the making of this deck.

C. The Halloween Tarot–charming cartoon Halloween images, plenty of brains in jars and mad scientists and witches and ghosts and monsters, not babyish but not scary to most folks



A. Heart & Hands Tarot–black and white drawings include some violent imagery, some nudity, psychodelic perspectives, mild racial diversity

B. The Dreaming Way Tarot–unusual, gorgeous in its way, rumoured to have been based on the artist’s dreams, no real nudity, some images involving swords and grief, mild racial diversity in the sense of some people being blue or greenish etc. with vaguely Euro-Asian features for the most part, gender ambiguity

3) ARMA***** deck

Named after a song by Marilyn Manson (the title of which contains cursing so I do not type it out in public, and as above, Yup, I know this person is controversial, and this deck has been here for five or ten years, and I still make no comment of approval or disapproval about the person who wrote the insightful and ugly social-commentary song–I just don’t know enough to jump in with an uninformed drama-stirring opinion about the person), this deck was put together by me of about 300 cards. Some of the visuals may be alarming and graphic to some viewers. THIS DECK IS ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES WHO WANT TO ADDRESS SOME REAL ISSUES. Not every card is harrowing to the average viewer, and this deck works best for serious issues and mature perspectives. The range of diversity is really good–genders, races, body types, ages, ability levels, etc. It is not a novelty shock deck by any means and would be really disappointing if that is your goal.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated too. Barter could certainly happen.

Oh, and I recommend not coming for readings more often than about once a month, since that gives time for you to have seen what helps and what worked out over time, while not getting dependent on me. I want my clients to enjoy their readings and to really get the insight that they need to help themselves and to understand their situations. Empowerment is much better, in my view, than trying to get people dependent on me for frequent readings!

If you’re interested in booking a reading with me at my uptown Kingston office, send me an email to laughingdakini at twc.com, and we’ll set it up.
I am there as of February, 2020, usually afternoons, and look forward to seeing old and new clients in our masks and with a lot of space in the room.  We have hand sanitiser in the office,  and private restrooms for hand washing.

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