Nice positive feedback on the candle service

Published December 4, 2018 by Donnalee of Kingston NY

Here is a nice new recommendation for the candle service. I will also add it on the Client Endorsements and Recommendations page.

“I wanted to write you about my experiences being a test case “guinea pig”. I admittedly went into the experiment with an open mind albeit a bit skeptical. I am a psychologist/therapist in New York City and the Hudson Valley. I emphasize being grounded, but also open to the mysterious realms that we can’t control or predict.

From the time you prepared and started lighting candles and meditating on my situation I noticed an unmistakable shift in energy–most notably connected to my money situation. Money started to subtly but unmistakably appear. Patients from the past who had owed money suddenly re-appeared and reimbursed me. Old patients called to undergo therapy again. Mind you some of these patients had been last seen fifteen plus years ago.

I can’t explain the results, but there was clearly a correlation between your work, a shift in energies and some tangible results. Perhaps the spirits became involved as we say in kabbalah/ shamanism. At any rate, I recommend your work and would make use of it again and emphatically iterate its gentle and benign quality. It is not a replacement for other approaches, but an adjunct.


Dr. Brian
Licensed Psychologist and therapist”

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