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I am continuing my Spiritualist mediumship education

Published January 21, 2022 by Donnalee of Kingston NY

Long, long ago, about the year 2000, I spent a few years taking in-person weekly classes on and off with the respected Rev. Steve Hermann

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who was then living fulltime in Massachusetts. In the intervening years, although mediumship was not my main focus by any means, I took a few more seminars and advanced classes in the subject with folks here and there, including the recently-departed (and still very funny) George Koury

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I was so happy to find that Steve is now giving online classes which I have been attending and am continuing to attend, and I would recommend his classes and his two books (available through his website above) to anyone interested in forwarding their mediumship skills in an ethical and capable manner. His focus has always been on the ‘highest and best’ energies available, and the results of the meditations and classes have been very good quality and of a genuinely healing nature, which is so valuable and not as common in my experience as I would like it to be. I can go to a class of his online and feel genuine *physical* and energetic improvement in my body within that hour or two, plus gaining greatly-increased insight, and it has been so worthwhile and uplifting.

I have also been attending other Spiritualist mediumship classes, seminars, church services, and meetups online elsewhere with a diverse range of folks to continue to further develop my skills at communicating with those in spirit, and have been learning a great deal and meeting other fine teachers and fellow students. It cheers me that there is always someone there to talk to, so to speak, departed loved ones and teachers who were perhaps previously unknown, although it used to scare me at night as a kid to see and hear random who-knew-whats as I tried to get to sleep. Eventually it intrigued me at college-age to see some beings show up at the house of someone I was dating–their family home used to be a mortuary and a couple of ghosts, dark people-looking shapes of different heights, would show up and stand at the foot of the sleeping areas and look at me anytime I slept there by myself, whether I slept in beds or camped on the floor in different rooms. There was no real communication that I understood at that time, but it happened repeatedly enough that there was clearly something there, and no chance of trickery in a household of half a dozen people including parents who simply lived there and were not interested in pretending to be ghosts for the guest!

In my classes and readings, it is fascinating to me to see the long tradition of Spiritualist (and other) mediumship, the true and the fakes that arose along the way, and how to tell the difference. This week I have read Darren Brittain’s recent autobiography about being a Spiritualist medium in the UK, which has some very good points about self-worth and self-sacrifice and being overly influenced by teachers and other trusted people, and about bringing one’s own prejudices into the session as client or medium. Now I have also just read the classic “The Psychic Mafia” by M. Lamar Keene, a secretly fraudulent but successful medium for thirteen years who eventually gave it up but spills the beans in this book.

Here’s my continuing reading list on the subject. Most were written between about 1864 and the 1930s, and some day I may get around to putting the dates on them:

Stephen A. Hermann’s Mediumship Mastery and Mediumship Mastery II. These are excellent guides for those interested in improving their knowledge and skills in the subject, and were both written within the last half-dozen years or so. I recommend them highly and they can be bought through Steve’s site, mentioned above.

M. Lamar Keene’s “The Psychic Mafia”

Harry Houdini’s famous “Houdini: A Magician Among the Spirits”

Tina M. Zion’s “Become A Medical Intuitive” and “Be Your Own Medical Intuitive”

Darren Brittain’s “From Innocence To Inner Sense”

Viscount Adare’s “Experiences in Spiritualism with D.D. Home”

D.D. Home’s “Incidents in My Life”

Clifford Bias’ “Trumpet Mediumship and Its Development”

Mrs. Cora L.V. Hatch’s “A Discourse…”

Brandon Kim’s “Red Cloud’s Inner Teachings”

Sylvia Browne’s “Adventures of a Psychic”

“Silver Birch Anthology”

Best wishes to all–


Susan Wittig Albert

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