IMPORTANT: WordPress has been ‘helpfully’ deleting your comments here without telling me

Published February 15, 2018 by Donnalee of Kingston NY

I just found out that WordPress ‘helpfully’ enabled a program which now tells me it has deleted over 500 comments to this blog WITHOUT TELLING ME OR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO MODERATE THEM.  Since that is the main way my clients contact me, it is not good.  I have changed the settings so that I get all comments now, so if you have written to me here and I have not responded, it is because WordPress never showed me the comment, so please try again or email me at laughingdakinimusic at yahoo dot com.

If you have a WordPress blog and fear this is happening to you, it is indeed unless you changed the setting for ‘akismet’.

Best wishes–Donnalee

Thanks all.

22 comments on “IMPORTANT: WordPress has been ‘helpfully’ deleting your comments here without telling me

    • It apparently is automatically on, which bugs me. I went to this page and it just says in an annoying creepy way that it stays on and that’s it, as if it’sgood for everyone so we shouldn’t question it. So I clicked on the contact us or get more help thing on the bottom of that page. I eventually had to get a chat function going–I don’t know how, other than on that page that says help at the bottom of the link I enclosed. Be warned that when I said in chat that I wanted it off, they acted very creepy, saying something that comes across like “but, infant, it helps you. Why would you not want that?” You have to be strong and make it clear that you want to choose. Then they show you where to find the choices, which are strict/on already and then less-strict, which gives you the comments to moderate. Good luck. I’m sorry I don’t have a direct link that may be better, but the one about contact them should help. Since I turned it off, I have gotten less spam, by the way.

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