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Odd little website by a local Woodstock friend, Richard Mellon

Published September 22, 2018 by Donnalee

A quite-famous Woodstock local, Richard Mellon, whose history is quite remarkable–having lived alone in a silver mine, having been a hippie and biker for decades, having sung leads in musical shows and having been thisclose to a lot of successes and way too close to some unfortunate failures including things like his own motorcycle crashes–made an odd little website http://www.elvismellon.net which is primarily scifi fiction right now. He is a very intelligent and entertaining person, now sadly homeless. I am hoping that perhaps my featuring his site here will bring some help and attention to him, since he’s a great guy but stuck in an unfortunate situation for the last couple of years. Since he is homeless, the website is a little rough and unfinished, and the email address on the site may or may not be current, so if you try to contact him using it and it somehow is not working, please email me and I’ll make sure he gets the communication, and maybe will also have a better email for him if it is needed–someone else had done the website and Richard is unsure right now which email is best. I do see him a few days a week downtown.

I hope you enjoy this slice o’ Woodstock and intergalactic life, and thanks for thinking of him.

Lovely recommendation from a wonderful client!

Published July 6, 2018 by Donnalee

I was so delighted to get this lovely recommendation from Jordan, whom I saw last week in my Woodstock NY office. It was so sweet of him to follow up and allow me to use this on this site–I’ll put it on the client recommendations page.

“My experience with Donnalee was more
incredible than I could have imagined. I had high hopes, yet
was still beyond satisfied. I’m now recommending her to
everyone who I think could use it.

First, Donnalee creates an atmosphere
in the room which feels safe, comfortable, and grounding-
her energy is naturally that way as it is. But she goes the
extra mile to make sure you are both comfortable.

It felt natural talking to her about
what was going on in my life, she is very open and
understanding. When it came to reading my cards, her
observations were concise and intuitive, everything said
and displayed was accurate for the situations I had
described. In some instances I was speechless. I felt like
my experiences were validated, and that I had access to the
strength inside of me to deal with my struggles with a sense
of clarity and calmness.

Now, when I feel myself getting pulled
into my ego, and suffering with these specific problems, I
visualize the cards and my experience with Donnalee, and am
able to ground myself, collect myself, and carry on with
faith instead of fear. Endlessly grateful!

Jordan R.” [in-person at Woodstock office]


Published July 2, 2018 by Donnalee

Since people have been really enjoying the offer of half-price for their first session, or first session after a long time, I am continuing it through the end of July. Now’s a good time to contact me about an appointment.

As before the tl;dr email reading remains the special price of $10.00.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks and best wishes

Half-price sessions for new and returning clients

Published June 3, 2018 by Donnalee

I am pleased to announce that all first readings for new clients, in person or email, will be half price for the next month. This will include sessions that are already booked, and I am open to extending it to returning clients for their next reading.  The only exception are the tl;dr email readings.

I look forward to working with you, and hope this is a happy surprise for you all!

Best wishes

WORDPRESS IS MAKING ITSELF OBSOLETE. We can now edit other people’s comments, so the comments now count for nothing and can be fake news. WHAT A DISGRACE.

Published March 17, 2018 by Donnalee

Since we can now edit other people’s comments, the system of comments is now worthless, so if they don’t change it, I will no longer comment on anyone’s post and will go back and remove as many comments of my own as I can find, since it is just creepy and insane of them to allow people to fake whatever they want in the names of others.  I WILL NEVER EDIT ANYONE ELSE’S COMMENTS.  If they are spam, they never get posted on my blog, and if they are real, they may or may not get posted. 

I will update if they are smart enough to reverse this.  If not, I will probably get rid of my blog with them.

IMPORTANT: Wordpress has been ‘helpfully’ deleting your comments here without telling me

Published February 15, 2018 by Donnalee

I just found out that WordPress ‘helpfully’ enabled a program which now tells me it has deleted over 500 comments to this blog WITHOUT TELLING ME OR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO MODERATE THEM.  Since that is the main way my clients contact me, it is not good.  I have changed the settings so that I get all comments now, so if you have written to me here and I have not responded, it is because WordPress never showed me the comment, so please try again or email me at laughingdakinimusic at yahoo dot com.

If you have a WordPress blog and fear this is happening to you, it is indeed unless you changed the setting for ‘akismet’.

Best wishes–Donnalee

Thanks all.