Odd little website by a local Woodstock friend, Richard Mellon

Published September 22, 2018 by Donnalee of Kingston NY

A quite-famous Woodstock local, Richard Mellon, whose history is quite remarkable–having lived alone in a silver mine, having been a hippie and biker for decades, having sung leads in musical shows and having been thisclose to a lot of successes and way too close to some unfortunate failures including things like his own motorcycle crashes–made an odd little website http://www.elvismellon.net which is primarily scifi fiction right now. He is a very intelligent and entertaining person, now sadly homeless. I am hoping that perhaps my featuring his site here will bring some help and attention to him, since he’s a great guy but stuck in an unfortunate situation for the last couple of years. Since he is homeless, the website is a little rough and unfinished, and the email address on the site may or may not be current, so if you try to contact him using it and it somehow is not working, please email me and I’ll make sure he gets the communication, and maybe will also have a better email for him if it is needed–someone else had done the website and Richard is unsure right now which email is best. I do see him a few days a week downtown.

I hope you enjoy this slice o’ Woodstock and intergalactic life, and thanks for thinking of him.

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