I updated my post about the candles

Published November 28, 2018 by Donnalee

I updated the post about candles and wanted to see if everyone got notified. If anyone wants to have me do a FREE series of four candles for them, I am willing to do that for the first three folks who write to me at laughingdakinimusic at yahoo dot com and tell me what they’d like me to do the candles for–health, general, money, relationship, etc., and if they want them one a day for four consecutive days OR once a week for four consecutive weeks. It’d be great to get honest feedback as a result. Thanks and best wishes, and we’ll see who actually reads these notices and gets a nice little holiday gift of positive energy in return!

I am offering a completely new additional service!

Published October 18, 2018 by Donnalee

There is a sort of in-joke among professional tarot readers that some scammy places are notorious for telling clients who go in for a reading that the poor client is suffering under some curse or bad energy from someone else and that fortunately the reader can burn a candle for the client afterhours for only $600 or $5,000.00 or other huge amount, and that’ll take care of it. Very often the poor suffering client does indeed pay these vast amounts, and if life doesn’t get perfect within a short time, they are told they need the extra-special extra-expensive next level of candle, and maybe that’ll help, so they wind up with additional poverty and money pressures on top of their original issues. That is not the kind of service I am offering! To be clear, there are many traditions where the removal of hexes or curses or general bad vibes is a practical and valuable service, but I am NOT referring above to those who charge reasonable fees for a reasonable service, but rather about those who cheat the fearful and unfortunate, which seems a bad and unkind idea.

I actually started burning candles regularly for myself and others again fairly recently (2018) after dabbling for a very long time, and I have been so pleased with the results. It took me long enough to figure how to use having been electrocuted and even now still containing so much electricity in this productive way! Better late than never–

It seems to me that me burning these candles, which I put certain oils and herbs and a little this-and-that on while doing beneficial mantras and blessings, seems to help the energy and clear some of the obstacles for the people, including me. In the months I did it steadily for me and three others as an experiment to find the most beneficial approach, one person yesterday received an unexpected $5,000.00 gift from a usually completely-stingy parent, and (updated) has been getting many more good business clients; one who had wanted to go into detox for a while and had been denied a bed last month was happily admitted to detox in the last two weeks and is doing well (updated: and is in rehab now and doing well); and yesterday a family member sent me as a gift an unexpectedly (shockingly) large sum of money, a generous five figures, which was sorely needed and greatly appreciated. I also experienced a sort of healing crisis that appears to really be improving my longterm health. The last person in our experiment I have not heard from yet, so I do not know the specifics of that person’s current situation, but the candles I burn for them now go much more smoothly than when I started burning them for that person. It has been fascinating to burn candles and see how they behave: candles in the same setting, same type and even colour of candle, from the same box, same lack of drafts, same preparations put on them, burning at the same time next to each other, can produce such different results. The wax can go towards or away from other candles, producing unexpected foul smells when whatever energetic cooties appear to burn away, forming items that look like anything from detailed little angel figures and other specific items, to vague giant blobs that refuse to burn. Some, rarely, have complete ‘meltdowns’ which turn out to be exactly what is going on with the client’s life.

I now offer this service to clients in exchange for money. It seems optimal for me to burn four candles in a series for the same person’s situation, either over four days or one a week for four weeks, since there is usually such a difference from the first candle to the others following it. I could certainly do only one, especially for those who want fast help and don’t want to pay for four, but it seems that the progression of four helps the most, and the first candle of the four would be done soon anyhow. Since it takes a good couple of hours to do and attend to one candle, I have limited spots available for this, since it requires my attendance at my home office and I am often at my downtown office doing tarot readings.

The purpose of the candle burning is the same as the tarot readings: for the best outcome of the person’s situation. It can be for general improvement and well-being, or for any kind of area of life like money, relationships, health, etc. There is no cursing of anyone or ‘sending bad energy back to where it came from’ or invisible threats to try to force people to pay up what is owed or to leave one alone etc.–the bad energy just is transformed and people tend to pay what is owed without threats, etc. Energetic cooties and obstacles, whether sent to us intentionally or simply picked up in the course of life, do seem to affect us and our well-being, so this form of energetic clearing somehow is a very productive form for me to do and I have seen steady good results even in intentionally negative situations. There cannot be a guarantee of effects, but I genuinely believe in the effectiveness of this form of clearing negative energy and sending blessings and have been tremendously pleased with the results for me and others.

The price of this service, of me specifically preparing and burning candles on your behalf for the best outcome of your chosen situation–money, health, relationship, business, family harmony, in preparation for the birth of a child, general clearing of negative energies, etc.–and then me reporting back to you via email is $54.00 FOR A SERIES OF FOUR CANDLES specially prepared by me for this purpose to be burned by me either on consecutive days or one a week for four weeks. If you want ONE CANDLE ONLY specially prepared and burned on your behalf, the price is $21.00. If you would like me to do one candle or one series of candles for you each month or more regularly, later candles ordered consecutively are at a special rate: if you ordered one and love it and want to go for the series of four and tell me ASAP that you wish to continue, the cost of the first one can be applied to the $54.00 for the rest of the series for a total of four. If you order a series of four and want me to do it again right after the first series is finished (the next day or next week, according to original order), the following series are $45.00 for another series of four. Feedback is of real interest to me, so I can know what is most effective for each person and situation and increase the positive outcome for all.

If you are interested in this service, please let me know by email laughingdakinimusic @ yahoo dot com, and/or send the fee direct via Paypal to that email with a note of the subject you want the candles burned for the benefit of, and I will schedule you at the soonest available time. Sooner reserved equals sooner served–

Thanks, all, and best wishes

Half-price for first-time readings for October

Published October 10, 2018 by Donnalee

For the month of October, first-time readings, or ‘first reading in a long time’ for returning clients, are half price. The tl;dr is already at a reduced price so is not included in this specific offer.

It might be a great time to get a reading about what you need to know for the best outcome of whatever your concern is, especially with the Halloween Tarot deck, a cartoon deck that features not-scary-to-most representations of brains and mad scientists and ghosts etc., or the special Arma*** deck, which is up to maybe 270+ cards from many sources, some of which can be considered more mature content–there are also several other decks of varying degrees of graphics, including the very mild Gummy Bear Deck.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading for you. Enjoy the season!

Best wishes

I love Rudy Hunter!

Published October 10, 2018 by Donnalee

I really enjoy Rudy Hunter, who offers energy healing for people and animals through his websites and recordings. http://www.rudyhunter.com is the best gateway to this particular drug! If you sign up to the email list you get invitations to free healing calls monthly and a couple of little insider free goodies. You can always use the many free resources available for healing of self and pets even without being on any email list; he also has healing tools that cost money, some of which I have bought and have found personally very helpful and use all the time. This is not a sponsored post in any way, but just a recommendation of someone whose work I enjoy and enjoy sharing with others.

It’s worth checking out, in my opinion. Enjoy!

Best wishes


Published October 3, 2018 by Donnalee

Recently many emails from WordPress blogs have featured big spammy strips of three visual ads on the bottom, completely having nothing to do with the content of the blog it came from, and when I wrote to complain about the the heck is up with that and if they planned to stick them on all our accounts, paid and otherwise, they replied:

‘Hi there,

I believe you can remove the “related posts” or “posts you might like” section from email notifications for your site by disabling the feature in your site’s settings. It can be found under the Related Posts heading on the following page:

https://wordpress.com/settings/traffic/ (put user name here with no spaces after/)

Note: this setting will also disable the related posts section from being displayed below posts on your site’s webpages as well. There’s no way to configuring these separately.

And changing this setting will only effect post notifications for your site, other publishers would have to change that setting for their own site if you didn’t want to see them in post notification emails from other publishers.

If you have any more questions about this feature or anything else on WordPress.com, we’re always here to help!’

I think it’s worth checking your site settings, everyone, if this is of interest to you. I personally don’t keep emails that I usally keep, like ones with lovely photos or sewing ideas etc. if they have this stuff in it, since I do not want it. Good luck with it to all.

Odd little website by a local Woodstock friend, Richard Mellon

Published September 22, 2018 by Donnalee

A quite-famous Woodstock local, Richard Mellon, whose history is quite remarkable–having lived alone in a silver mine, having been a hippie and biker for decades, having sung leads in musical shows and having been thisclose to a lot of successes and way too close to some unfortunate failures including things like his own motorcycle crashes–made an odd little website http://www.elvismellon.net which is primarily scifi fiction right now. He is a very intelligent and entertaining person, now sadly homeless. I am hoping that perhaps my featuring his site here will bring some help and attention to him, since he’s a great guy but stuck in an unfortunate situation for the last couple of years. Since he is homeless, the website is a little rough and unfinished, and the email address on the site may or may not be current, so if you try to contact him using it and it somehow is not working, please email me and I’ll make sure he gets the communication, and maybe will also have a better email for him if it is needed–someone else had done the website and Richard is unsure right now which email is best. I do see him a few days a week downtown.

I hope you enjoy this slice o’ Woodstock and intergalactic life, and thanks for thinking of him.